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The AI technology landscape is provoking a dynamic evolution, significantly impacting enterprise executives who are at the forefront of adapting to this once-in-a-generation wave of transformation. Leaders across various sectors are actively engaging with AI technologies to enhance decision-making, streamline operations, and drive innovation.

AI is reshaping the way enterprise organizations operate and make strategic decisions, but it is not without profound challenges. Complexities ranging from ensuring the foundations with data quality to the ethical implications of AI deployment; from the need for a skilled workforce capable of harnessing the full potential of AI, to the complexity of AI implementation; from organizational readiness to change management, in addition to board discussions around what is the rightful custodian of AI strategy within an enterprise.

Aligning AI with business value, ensuring a smooth and effective adoption of AI technologies without disrupting day-to-day operations, while staying abreast of the changing landscape: leading in the age of AI is nothing short of a mammoth task.

With this dynamic panorama in mind, CDM Media is proud to support the leading-edge AI community with the launch of the AI Summit series. Our AI summits provide a valuable platform for executives to collaborate and overcome their most pressing AI challenges through high-value networking with like-minded peers, and cutting-edge thought leadership. Through curated use-cases and interactive discussions, the AI summits aim to facilitate meaningful connections, enabling the exchange of insights, strategies, and innovative approaches to address the fast-evolving landscape of AI and help organizations succeed.

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Advisory Board

Diego de Aragão

SVP, Balance Sheet Management & Analytics


Lana DeMaria

Head of Data Governance and Privacy

Alaska Airlines

Benjamin Donlon

Chief Analytics and Operations Officer

United Way

Ansar Kassim

Head of Analytics

Verizon Wireless

Gaurav Marballi

Chief Analytics & Digital Officer

JG Wentworth

Alda Mizaku

VP Analytics Product Management

Mercy Health

Anjali Gupta Reddi

Chief Data Officer

Dow Jones

Abhi Seth

Chief Data Officer

TE Connectivity

Len Usvyat

Head of Clinical Advanced Analytics

Fresenius Clinical

Jimmy Yang

Chief Risk Analytics and Infrastructure Officer


Our Fans

AI Community

Fellow, Data & AI


Chief Data Officer

Amica Insurance

Chief Data & Analytics Officer

NY Life Insurance

Chief Data Officer

Bon Secours Mercy Health

Chief Data Officer


Chief Commerical Analytics Officer


Executive Director, AI and Data Science

CVS Health - Aetna

Head of Analytics Platform with AI Solutions


Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer


Managing Director - Head of Data Management, Governance

TD Securities

Managing Director, Generative AI

Blue Cross Blue Shield

VP Data Science

Met Life

Global Director of Data Science


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Other Communities:

Upcoming Events



AI Charlotte Summit

July 16th, 2024

AI Ohio Summit

July 18th, 2024

AI SoCal Summit

July 30th, 2024

AI Denver Summit

August 15th, 2024

CDO & AI Washington D.C Summit

August 22nd, 2024

CDO & AI Public Sector Summit

August 22nd, 2024

AI Houston Summit

September 10th, 2024

AI Northern California Summit

September 17th, 2024

AI Ireland Summit

September 19th, 2024

AI Calgary Summit

September 26th, 2024

AI UK Summit

October 3rd, 2024

AI New York Summit

October 29th, 2024

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AI Charlotte Roundtable Dinner

July 16th, 2024

AI Ohio Roundtable Dinner

July 18th, 2024

AI SoCal Roundtable Dinner

July 30th, 2024

AI Denver Roundtable Dinner

August 15th, 2024

CDO & AI Washington D.C Roundtable Dinner

August 22nd, 2024

CDO & AI Public Sector Roundtable Dinner

August 22nd, 2024

AI Houston Roundtable Dinner

September 10th, 2024

AI Northern California Roundtable Dinner

September 17th, 2024

AI Ireland Roundtable Dinner

September 19th, 2024

AI Calgary Roundtable Dinner

September 26th, 2024

AI UK Roundtable Dinner

October 3rd, 2024

AI New York Roundtable Dinner

October 29th, 2024

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Custom Events

AWS Reinvent

November 27th - December 1st, 2023

Gartner Data Orlando

March 11th - March 13th, 2024

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Engage with the best and brightest executives from world-leading organizations who are looking for partners to help drive business growth and innovation.

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What to Expect as a Flagship Summit Partner?

In addition to the flexible array of session formats, we offer pre-scheduled, one-on-one 25-30-minute meetings in an intimate, in-person setting with executives from our coveted attendee roster, carefully selected by your team in advance of the event. These personalized executive exchanges provide unparalleled face-to-face time, enabling your team to accelerate the sales cycle and move the funnel forward with ease.

Guaranteed One-on-One Meetings

Intimate business meetings with senior executives who have purchasing authority. Fully vet the registration list before the event to make informed decisions on who you’d like to meet with.

Turnkey Event Management

Our elite delivery team will handle all aspects of bringing your event to life. CDM Media will handle every detail of including web development, signage, onsite AV, attendee preparation and more.

Account Based Marketing (ABM)

Custom audience acquisition, delivering top executives from your target accounts along with our curated list of top decision makers to ensure you have an optimal audience.

Dynamic Agenda

Develop a rich, dynamic agenda focused on critical topics that will attract top CXOs and position your team and an ideal partner in solving their most pressing needs.

Customer Insights

Gain access to C-Suite attendees sharing their experiences, best practices, and current needs in our open forum, collaborative agenda format along with joining in the debates.

Post Event Follow-ups

CDM Media will leverage our relationships post event, assisting you as with immediate follow-up opportunities that allow you capitalize on the momentum you have gained at the summit.

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CDM Media is the leading global face-to-face events firm, specializing in C-Suite engagement for the world’s largest brands. Founded in 2007, we are headquartered in Arizona, complimented with our EMEA office in the UK. Over the last decade we have built an international community of over 10,000 top level executives. These are the enterprise players and decision makers that represent the top half of all worldwide technology decision makers from largest companies in the most influential sectors.

Our mission is help the world’s largest companies to solve their biggest technology challenges. We do that using a tried and true formula of creating face-to-face discussions in intimate settings. Our belief is that the next generation of technology leaders will face challenges unlike any that have come before. The only way for a CxO or senior executive to tackle these business problems head on is to learn from their peers and innovative solution providers who spend their days addressing similar concerns at a similar scale. We provide a space for that interaction to take place in dynamic, engaging, and open discussion and to build lasting business relationships that will change the landscape of enterprise technology today and into the future.